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How to code in different programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and more.

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Simple Lessons

Lessons are simpler to understand to make learning fun and faster.

Free To Use

Free-to-install apps with an option to upgrade to PRO versions.

Premium Design

High-quality minimilastic design for easier learning.

Why Codeliber?

Codeliber apps are free, with very minimal ads.

You can purchase the PRO versions to get rid of ads and get more features.

Code on the go with our in-app code editor.

Obtain a "CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION" after finishing each course.

Main Features

To make learning to code easier and more fun, our apps have a built-in code editor.

Write Code

Interact with examples and write your codes in the app.

See Output

See the output of your codes immediately.

Other Amazing Features

Sleek Design

Minimalistic but elegantly-designed apps for higher retention.


Enjoy learning by challenging yourself with a quiz for each lesson.

Secured Data

With Codeliber apps, all your data are stored in your device.

Fast Install

Easily install our apps on Google Play.

Earn your Certificate

For every Codeliber course you finish, you will receive a free CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

Affordable Premium Versions

The PRO versions of our apps are very cheap. Install them for as low as $1.49!

Apps Screenshots

Here is a collection of our our apps' screenshots.

Clients Testimonial

Truly a great learning app. User Friendly. Very inclusive, interactive and systematic topical approach. I relate well and smoothly being in full control , every time, everywhere (Offline and Online) learning and code-playing at my own pace . The language is simple and carefully applied with the learner's interest in mind. I highly recommend this programming course to every Caring and Solution oriented Developer and/or especially beginners.

Alphonse Okidi

on Learn HTML app

This is simply a great app! The language is clear and very simple to comprehend; no use of impressive and big grammars. This shows the inventor of this app had the interest of his readers in mind. The examples, quizs and do it yourself exercise are especially an interesting features of this app. In fact, I'm beginning to know what it means to build a website. I thought it was a very complicated subject but this app has made me think otherwise. Thanks a lot for your wonderful work 👍

Timothy Elvis

on Learn HTML app

Tried many and this was the only one where the information stuck. Comprehensive compared to other similar apps. Probably the best free introduction to front end development anyone can get. Having the code example available as one download would have been a big help, or at least a note at intro to save as you go if you want for later revision. Can't complain though, this series of apps have been a massive help. Much appreciated. Thanks to the developer.

Bart Leby

on Learn CSS app

Brilliant. Covers all the major topics. Offers quick quizzes that can be used to refresh our knowledge. And the best feature is the in-app code editor.

Abhishek Buragohain

on Learn CSS app

This app is such a wonderful app and is a great place to learn. I really loved the way the information is organised. Being able to edit your code and see the output of your code immediately are some really great features of the app. I highly recommended this app to everyone even if they have never written a single line of code. I am really grateful to the codeliber team for this wonderful app. Thank you guys for all your efforts.


on Learn JavaScript app

I've been a consistent follower of Codeliber apps and I can proudly say, Codeliber is the best. With their previous apps, Learn HTML and Learn CSS, I've found my footing as a web developer—a self-taught Web developer. Thank you Codeliber. I will always recommend this app to anyone. I do have a coupl...

Chidiebere Damian Ekwedike

on Learn JavaScript app

Whatever you need it's here - a free python app - a lightweight app - easy to use - simple, concise and easy to understand - extremely beginner friendly, with every single lesson comes examples and quiz. - you can even program there, though I can't say 100%, as I am a newbie to coding too. I would really recommend if you are a beginner and want everything in one place. I am not sure if Devs are working on any other language like java or lua. Thanks.

Aditya Aryan

on Python Tutorial app

I needed a way of learning Python 3 when I was at work without PC or Tablet and I found this app on the Play Store among many. After 1 week of use this is my review. This app is well designed with quick and direct explanation to Python. It has a compiler build-in and you or able to text code differences. My compliments to the designer and the coder.

Todd Lambur

on Python Tutorial app

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